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Assignment Summary

Texas Roadhouse is a great place to bring the entire family for a dining experience that you cannot find any other place. When walking through the doors of a Texas Roadhouse the first thing you will hear are popular country hits coming from the jukebox. You’ll see peanuts on the floor and even line dancing by its legendary staff for your entertainment. Then you can experience hand-cut steaks, award winning ribs, fresh-baked bread, and made from scratch side items, all with only the highest quality-freshest ingredients. Texas Roadhouse combines large portions and great value to give you Legendary Food at a reasonable price.

Your task is to create a commercial for Texas Roadhouse to help them sell gift cards online (or at their restaurants). Tell the story of why Texas Roadhouse Gift Cards are the perfect gift.

Texas Roadhouse is interested in having some fun with the message, reflecting on their warm, lively, energetic atmosphere. They want real people doing real things, in relevant ways, that will really resonate with consumers….maybe even to the point where they will share this ad with others.

And, by the way, we don’t want to spoil the fun at any Texas Roadhouse, so there can be absolutely no filming inside or outside any of the establishments. But there are plenty of video clips in the asset tray, so you can still have fun creating your video.

Texas Roadhouse will select a minimum of one video for purchase and its creator will receive a one-time payment of $7,500. In addition, five video producers will receive a total of $2,000 in XLNTads’ “Editors’ Choice” awards.

Deadline: August 18, 2010


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