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Assignment Summary

Everyone knows Quiznos. That’s the place for subs, soups and salads; toasting up favorites like the famous “Classic Italian” for over 30 years. Quiznos has developed a reputation for innovative food, delicious recipes and quirky, humorous advertising.

Quiznos offers one of a kind taste at an affordable price, which allows you to get what you crave without spending too much. They have delicious meal options for $5, $4 and $3. Even at these low prices, Quiznos food is still filled with butcher-quality meats (all white meat chicken and turkey, slow-roasted roast beef, honey-cured ham, genoa salami, spicy capicola…), all-natural cheeses (cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella), fresh veggies (Romaine and Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes) and it’s all TOASTED TO PERFECTION to awaken the flavor.

Something for everyone isn’t an exaggeration!

Your task is to create a :30 second video for Quiznos that is funny, edgy, bold and quirky. The message they want you to convey is all about value and variety: “Delicious meal options for $5, $4 and $3! I should go get it today!”

Quiznos will purchase at least ONE video early, by Monday August 9th (11:59PM) for $5000. The creator(s) of this spot(s) will earn a bonus of $2500. At the deadline of the assignment, Sunday August 22nd, they will purchase at least ONE additional video for $5000. Additionally, Poptent will award Editor’s Choice Awards totaling $2000 to five videos creators.


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