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Assignment Summary

Qwest is a leading telecommunications provider for small businesses in the Midwest and West. They offer an array of voice and data solutions uniquely designed to help all small businesses at different stages of their growth.

Qwest Small business has recently launched a FREE, new, major educational resource for their small business customers at The site is rich with content, white papers, presentations, videos, brochures and guides to help “connect the dots” between small business challenges and technology.

This assignment is to produce a viral video, probably 15 – 30 seconds in length. Make it fun, edgy, entertaining, spirited, surprising. A viewer should say, “I’ve got to send this to my fellow small business owners. They’ll really get a kick out of this spot.”

Please read the creative brief for all the details. The assignment is open to anyone 18 or older anywhere in the world.

Qwest will purchase four videos (guaranteed) at $5,000 each — a total of $20,000 in awards.

Deadline: September 16, 2010.

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