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Assignment Summary

You’ve seen it happen to your friends and relatives. As men get older, they start to lose some of what they really enjoyed while growing up: a trim figure, six pack abs, firm muscles, and no pouch around the waist. Too many men today just slip into becoming overweight and sluggish.

Well, Nutrisystem for Men can help men regain some of those glory day moments when combined with a regular exercise program. This program is healthier and smarter. Nutrisystem for Men has succeeded in assisting older men lose weight and feel better about themselves.

So, create a video that helps to sell a diet plan that is so fun, and so entertaining, that folks might actually pass it along to their friends (or someone needing help with their diet). Maybe think about what a guy felt and looked like 30 years ago. How has he changed? Why then is Nutrisystem for Men the perfect solution?

The client will select a minimum of one video and its creator will earn a one-time fee of $7,500. In addition, five video producers will share $2,000 in XLNTads’ “Editors’ Choice” awards.

Deadline: September 21, 2010


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