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Assignment Summary

DISH Network, the nation’s third-largest TV provider, wants you for the "Best HD for Less" assignment.

With DISH Network, you have the most HD channels available, and HD is Free for Life in our basic packages. Plus we have the best HD DVR available.

We want you to create a viral video that convinces consumers that DISH Network offers the best High Definition TV experience. It should plant the idea in the consumer’s mind that if they don’t have DISH Network, their HDTV experience is incomplete.

Make the video entertaining. This should be fun, something people will enjoy and even want to pass on to their friends.

DISH Network will select at least one video for use and will award the creator $5,000. In addition, Poptent will award five Editors’ Choice Awards totaling $2,000.

The assignment is open to anyone 18 or older anywhere in the world.

Deadline: September 29th, 2010


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