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Assignment Summary

Just because you're flying doesn't mean you can't be entertained or productive. At American Airlines, they are making it easier than ever to stay connected and informed so that you can work or play while you are travelling.

American Airlines is investing significantly in new aircraft, facilities, and technologies onboard to make the travel experience more enjoyable. They are turning to the Poptent community to produce videos that educate and entertain customers about the services and products they are offering.

Your goal will be to tell the connectivity story by highlighting the four products that are keeping customers entertained and productive:

  • In Flight Wi-Fi

  • In Flight Video Streaming

  • In Flight Power Ports

  • Mobile Apps and Features

You have up to :90 seconds to tell your story. Keep in mind that your video should reflect the modern, contemporary and innovative brand character that American Airlines represents.

It is important to note that you may not shoot video at the airport as they are heavily regulated and this could pose serious security risks with implications for both American Airlines and Poptent.

As always, for all the details and madatories, make sure to read the creative brief and guidelines located in the asset tray.

DEADLINE: December 6th, 2011

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