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So you realize it's time for a better credit card; a card that gets you more. But with all the fine print and options how there, how do you best make that decision? Enter At they help consumers make better choices about credit cards.

Here's the problem: consumer awareness/knowledge about is low. The perception may be that is for people with poor credit. That however, is not the case. is a place for prime credit card prospects to get help in their search for a new credit card or to better manage their existing credit cards. Your goal will be to get these consumers to through a direct response TV ad.

Videos should be :30 seconds long and must drive consumers to visit the website. Make sure your spot is friendly, sincere, conversational and direct. If you use humor make sure it is appropriate for the target audience outlined in the creative brief.

The viewer should walk away from the ad with this key insight: empowers me with all of the information I need to find and apply for the card of my choice. I could be getting more – more rewards, more cash back, a lower rate.

Please note: You cannot show/mention/refer to actual bank/card/network brands, even in the context of a screenshot of the website. If you use the credit card art supplied in the asset tray, please replace the network logos (VISA/MasterCard/American Express) with the appropriate bug. The bug files are titled WZA-Bug.png and MajorCard Bug.png and are located in the asset tray as well.

As always, please read the creative brief and assignment guidelines for all the details.

Deadline: February 27th, 2012


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