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For over 100 years Eucerin has shown a passionate commitment to skincare. Eucerin promises high quality ingredients and clinically proven formulas that both help resolve skincare problems and help keep healthy skin, well, healthy. As the leader in the growing therapeutic skincare market, Eucerin skincare is safe for sensitive skin and so effective that dermatologists and pediatricians have trusted it for years.

Your video should demonstrate the Eucerin brand commitment while reinforcing that Eucerin has been pioneering Dermatological skincare and innovation over the past 100+ years and that we will continue that trend in the years to come. These spots should remind consumers that at Eucerin – We dedicate all of our passion and expertise to our consumers skincare needs, and that we make no compromises in researching, developing, and testing our products.

Videos should be :30 to :60 seconds and will be used primarily online. We are open to a variety of approaches and do not want to limit your creative freedom but ultimately, videos should stay within the Eucerin brand voice. This is your opportunity to show us your creative vision as we attempt to align ourselves with the breakthrough science of today, and beyond.

Deadline: March 5th, 2011

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