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There’s no fresher tasting snack than the new DOLE Frozen Fruit Single-serve Cups! The “Nature Lock” seal guarantees you can enjoy the taste, texture and nutrition of fresh fruit, anytime, anywhere. Delicious on cereal, yogurt, in smoothies or as an on-the-go snack. There’s no added sugar or syrup, it’s just delicious all-natural fruit. You can find them in your local grocer’s freezer section.

We’d like the spots to be concept driven – ie: we don’t want them to feel like traditional product commercials, but they should still maintain a certain DOLE brand feel. We're looking for high energy and engaging approaches. Use humor wherever appropriate but keep it clean and family friendly. Submissions should be catchy, memorable and share-able. It’s also important in the video to demonstrate how easy and convenient it is to use DOLE Frozen Fruit Single-serve Cups in a variety of ways.

Videos should be kept to 60 seconds or less. Our intention is to use across various online channels, including but not limited to and facebook.

Deadline: April 27, 2012

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