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Since 1974, Monistat has been providing women relief from the painful and uncomfortable symptoms of yeast infections. Today, Monistat is still the #1 OTC brand of yeast infection treatments.

Your objective for this assignment is to inform the viewer that: Absolutely nothing works faster to relieve symptoms and cure the infection because for women suffering from the various unbearable symptoms of a yeast infection, relief cannot come soon enough. A yeast infection is just too miserable to mess around taking unknown private label products. The prescriptions available take too long to work, not to mention the time it takes to get the prescription.

Think about it this way, Monistat is clinically proven to work fast to relive symptoms and cure the infection. In fact Monistat begins relieving symptoms 4X faster than even the leading prescription medicine. This is why Monistat is the #1 choice of women and the #1 recommendation of doctors.

Videos will primarily be used for daytime tv which should act as a guide for tone and style. Monistat is looking for a variety of lengths. You can choose from 10 seconds or 15 seconds for TV or 30 seconds for web. Be sure to read the brief carefully to understand how each will be used.

As always, be sure to read the entire creative brief and assignment guidelines before beginning your shoot.

DEADLINE: March 4th, 2012


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