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Most people don’t realize that gasoline begins to go bad in as little as 30 days! Start Your Engines!® is a chemical treatment that is poured directly into the gas tank of small engines/equipment to dissolve gunk from inside the engine. Once gunk has been dissolved, Start Your Engines!® chemistry continues through the end of the fuel system where it’s highly explosive chemistry ignites immediately to get engines started fast!

Start Your Engines!® is a “new to the world” product that was developed out of a consumer need to address the issue of bad gas. Today, this innovative product has very little competition and is struggling to find a way to create an “ah-ha!” moment with consumers to prove itself as a trustworthy option to engine repair. This product works very well, but most people need to be shown that it’s a unique and high quality product, in addition to being shown how it works and why.

We’d like to create an attention-grabbing, engaging and memorable commercial for Start Your Engines!®, positioning the product as the easiest way to repair small engines. We don’t have to be overly technical with the “how” and “why” information, but we have to communicate that getting your engine started is as easy as pouring and pulling the starting cord – anyone can do it. The video creative should be :30, intended use is on TV.

Deadline: May 31, 2012

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