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Crest 3D White is the #1 brand in teeth whitening, backed by over 10 years of whitening innovation! We bring professional level whitening in an easy to use, affordable, over the counter product. The secret is in the strip!

Known for showcasing the results that come from our products – beautiful, confident, whiter smiles, we challenge you to put a spin on the other side of whitening – yellowing! Long gone are the days of steering clear of the taboos around yellow teeth. Let’s give them something to talk about - the impact that a yellow smile can have on your career, dating, social life, and more!

Your assignment will be to create a video that shows surprising but true situations where a yellow smile can impact a first impression while building affinity and consideration for Crest 3D White Whitestrips. Our objective will be to generate consumer buzz and promote sharing possibilities in the digital world. If you are up to the challenge of helping the masses not be defined by yellow teeth, then this project is for you!

Deadline: April 29, 2012


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