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Assignment Summary

Paging producers… we have a great assignment where you can be smart, witty and funny for a great brand! MedSpring, a revolutionary medical care provider, is establishing a new standard for Urgent Care.

MedSpring Urgent Care is a great alternative to expensive emergency rooms! Our skilled physicians and clean, modern facilities can treat a wide range of ailments for a fraction of the cost of an E.R visit. With multiple new locations opening, MedSpring will soon be established as a national brand.

Here is your chance to help MedSpring enter the video space and showcase their exceptional care! For tone, were prescribing a dose of funny, cute, edgy and memorable. Your submission should consist of two :30 second vignettes. One vignette will focus around our ability to treat an illness and the other focused on treating an injury.The purchased creator will then be asked to cut each spot into two :15 second vignettes.

Be sure to read the creative brief and assignment guidelines carefully and make some fun and memorable videos STAT!

DEADLINE: October 10th, 2012


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