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Assignment Summary

Oh hey, we're The Popsicle® brand! You know, the original! You should know that we are:

-a handful of fun- an instant hit
-making people, young and old, smile and laugh
-active and spontaneous
-freedom and fun where anything is possible

You know what else? Our sticks are hilarious. No really. They have jokes on them!

So now, we want to see what you're making with our sticks. The objective of this assignment is to show fun, unique and ownable ways to make crafts with Popsicle® brand sticks. Keep in mind that your video should also build talkability around the brand. The viewers should want to share the videos and talk about Popsicle®. Popsicle® is the only frozen pops brand that has riddles/jokes on the sticks so this should be leveraged if possible. It’s important to connect the sticks to the brand.

Ready? We hope so, but first, make sure to read the creative brief and assignment guidelines for all the important details.

DEADLINE: March 6th, 2013


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