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Assignment Summary

You've had a long day! Work was well, work, your commute was full of people who you would never even consider adding as your Facebook friend, but now you're home, now it's your time. Time to kick off those high heels, dance around your apartment and really, just be you. Nothing better signals that re-set than indulging in your favorite snack, Lay's Wavy.

Your mantra in life is simple:

“Food is my friend, not my enemy.
Life is for living…not resisting
In engaging authentic experiences.
In being constantly connected.
That she can change the world (and will).”

Lay's Wavy is ready to see this all brought to life! Your assignment is simple, produce a :30 second TV(!!) commercial that introduces millennial female consumers to the new Wavy. Show her how Wavy is the linchpin that truly makes her re-set moment happen.

As always, the very important details you need to get started are located in the creative brief. So accept the assignment, download the brief and assets, and if you have any questions, ask them in the Town Hall!

DEADLINE: February 26th, 2013

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