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What if there was a bank that actually wanted to talk to you? Where a person answered the phone when you called? A bank that remembers your name when you visit your local branch. A bank that is completely focused on your profitability... not theirs.

There is no such bank. But, there is a credit union - Orange County's Credit Union. "Bank speak" isn't in our vocabulary. Processes that involve extra steps, additional paperwork, or more time are out. Straightforward, easy-to-use products are in. It just makes banking with us easier. Plus, our customers/members have access to over 29,500 CO-OP Network ATMs, as well as investment options, auto loans, and mortgages! Unlike your typical bank, they offer lower loan rates and fewer fees, based on the strength of our over $1 billion in assets. And instead of automated call centers, our service reps offer “one-on-one” service.

Ok, so here's where you come in! We are looking to motivate viewers to open a new checking account with us by delivering an uplifting and aspirational message. Use your imagination to produce a powerful video that evokes an emotional response from the viewer. Be creative, explore something new, but make sure to have fun with it! So go ahead, crunch the proverbial numbers, invest your time wisely and deliver a blue chip piece of creative.

Deadline: March 4, 2013


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