Poptent is a supportive and professional environment comprised of thousands of creative individuals. The Poptent Code of Conduct outlines the behavior we have come to expect of the members of our community. When adhered to by all, it fosters positive interaction and professional development. Anyone who repeatedly ignores the principles of this code will be subject to permanent removal from the Poptent community.

  • Be respectful, mature, helpful, instructive, constructive, cool, nice, resourceful, classy, positive, and professional towards other creators and the Poptent staff. Good vibes in = good vibes received.

    When you enter assignments, respect the trust that the brand and Poptent are placing in you by giving you access to brand assets like logos and fonts. Use these items wisely, and only for the purposes of the brand’s assignment on Poptent.

  • Positive feedback is highly encouraged. Please be conscientious in your comments. Don’t spam, troll, taunt, flame, belittle, bully, attack, sabotage, embarrass, threaten, harass, intimidate, demean, or insult other creators or their work. Not in town halls; not in media comments; not in public or private messages or emails. Not on Poptent. Keep outside beefs out of Poptent. This is a professional community and there is no need for friction or animosity.

  • Do us a service and let us know how Poptent can grow and improve. Tell us what is working for you and what is not; things you would like to see but don’t; features you enjoy and why. Tell us where you envision this community heading. We take everything you suggest under consideration and constantly strive to do our very best by you, our talented creators.

  • Like videos. Comment. Dole out some thumbs up. Build your network. Increase your karma and the karma of the creators that inspire you through interaction. Give credit where credit is due. Curious about something? Start public discussion threads or ask people specific questions. Gain knowledge, personal connections, and professionally network simultaneously. This is a social network after all.

  • Be yourself. The creation or utilization of false accounts, either to bolster one’s likes, karma, or general community standing or used to negatively affect another creator’s profile or media will not be condoned.

    Post media that is yours and do not post media that isn’t yours. Everyone here works hard on their productions. We will not tolerate rights infringement.

  • Be patient with inexperienced members of Poptent. Everyone starts somewhere. Poptent is a place where skills can grow and where you can be pushed as a professional creative person. If you’re an expert, help others get to that next level as you continue to hone your craft.

  • Aspire to be a Poptent Pro. Great videos raise the bar for everyone in the community. Set that standard. Already a Pro? Bring up the people around you by giving technical and Poptent-related advice. Share your knowledge, mentor, and keep up the great work that got you to Pro status.

  • Keep all criticism or feedback constructive and respectful. If you wouldn’t say it at the family dinner table, don’t say it here. Remember, some people want feedback while others may not.

  • We are all stewards of the Poptent community. Honor that responsibility with civility.