Complete social video marketing (we do it all)

Poptent is an integrated and fully managed suite of video marketing services with video production,
performance testing, and targeted distribution all focused squarely on delivering results. In short, we help
brands make, test, and share video.


Talent-sourced video production Video Assignments deliver consistently creative, high-quality video that performs.

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Survey-based audience reaction Video Testing identifys the best creative to distribute to your audience.

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Performance-based distribution Video Distribution delivers video to your highly-specific target audience.

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Great work we’re proud of


“A Letter to Mom”

Famous Footwear came to Poptent with the fantastic tagline “Victory is Yours” and a release deadline timed to the lead up to Mother’s Day. The brand was looking for video that told the Famous Footwear story independent of a specific shoe brand and that would have an authentic emotional connection with viewers.

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Clinique has used Poptent on two occasions to produce a high volume of diverse story-driven videos for use on their social channels. In 2011, Clinique reinvigorated the Happy franchise by featuring selected videos with emotionally engaging content to inspire consumer interaction with the brand. The videos needed to engage and entertain consumers via humor, sentiment, etc. by sharing a brief moment of “happiness” focusing on the theme of “What is Happy to you?"

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The world's most effective video creation platform

We built Poptent to be a simple but powerful management tool suitable for use by one or by an entire team.

Welcome to Dashboard

With a simple, intuitive interface, your dashboard makes it incredibly easy to see how your projects are performing on a daily basis.

Statistics & data export

Get an overview of your produced videos’ test results, generate PDF reports or export data in CSV format to analyze them your own way. Poptent gives you the insights you need, when you need them, to guide your creative purchase decisions.

Mobile device friendly (soon!)

Access Poptent from anywhere. Manage and share your projects on-the-go from any browser or device.


You like us, you really like us!

(Here's what just a few of our clients are saying about us)

"The Poptent filmmaker community is surprisingly talented. They provided great ideation for projects we had a hard time fully scoping or envisioning. The customer service team at Poptent is also really professional (timely, responsive, etc.). The creative output and finished work from Poptent definitely competes with anything we’ve seen fom the big agencies." Christie Tomich

"Poptent helped us find our brand voice in a unique way through their crowdsourcing approach. We were able to find talent who embraced our core message and delivered in fun, engaging ways through video. We selected a piece that was used in both in house and mass marketing communication efforts. Very emotional, very right for Michaels. It was a huge success." Paula Puleo

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