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Famous Footwear already had a number of TV spots and an established tagline, “Victory Is Yours,” when they came to Poptent to take their campaign in a different direction. Their videos were all focused on the individual shoe brands, but they wanted to create an authentic emotional connection between consumers and the Famous Footwear brand. The video was scheduled to be released and promoted in the weeks before Mother’s Day, so they used this nostalgic holiday as a central theme.

Famous Footwear crowdsourced submissions from 18 filmmakers from all over the country - from West Chester, PA to Los Angeles, CA. They were asked to draw on their diverse backgrounds and social networks to tell stories from their lives.

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"The project was fantastic! We had a few good submissions, but none at the caliber of “A Letter to Mom.” It was digital, social and mass media ready. The only editing we did was to ensure a few of the shoes used in the spot mirrored what we had in store at that time of year. The video thought, production and quality impressed everyone from our SVP of Marketing to the CEO of Brown Shoe. So much so that Diane Sullivan, our CEO, even presented our crowdsourcing information to a conference of other retail CEOs."

Amy Rose

Director, Integrated Media at Famous Footwear


  • ZERO negative sentiment in the week leading up to Mother’s Day
  • Mom focused Pinterest board featuring quotes from the spot increased followers +2100
  • 224,400 total views on YouTube (most viewed in the channel)
  • "Nurture” email sent to the database, not expecting any sales, ended up generating $20K


Partnered with Poptent, Famous Footwear used crowdsourcing as a way to tap into a pool of real, authentic cast, crew, and creative. The basic strategy was a solid one, but what really enabled the final creative to shine was the fact that the creative problem was given to a diverse group of filmmakers (from Athens, OH to West Chester, PA and of course, Los Angeles). The fact that with each of those filmmakers you get a separate set of life experiences, skillsets, and social networks for casting gives you a better chance at getting either one thing that works very well or a number of spots that speak to specific marketing niches.

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