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Poptent offers a full-service video production management program focused on delivering performance. Our core services include video content strategy & planning, creative concept ideation (specializing in creative crowdsourcing to video), expert video production services, video editing & post production services, video creative testing, & comprehensive video distribution programs & media plans.

We are a global video production company, an award winning video content agency, and a social media marketing powerhouse all wrapped up into an online video production management platform that is fueled by over 75,000 creative filmmakers from all over the world. We are always on, everywhere, and ready to develop the most socially engaging video content of our time through a simple yet powerful process known as Make – Test – Share.”


Poptent helps companies benefit from the power of an extremely talented crowd. We are home to the largest community of independent filmmakers in the world, and we operate the most efficient platform for managing video production on the web. When we combined these two resources into one company, the world of video production changed forever.

  • Creative Options

    Poptent Video Assignments deliver consistently creative, high-quality video that performs. Our diverse, professional community of filmmakers will capably produce video for any need. Poptent video assignments are an ideal creative development solution for both large and small projects. We have thousands of fully-vetted filmmakers and videographers across the United States and in over 140 countries ready to work for you.

  • Time-to-Market

    We are the faster, more nimble alternative to traditional video production methods. There is no project that we cannot handle quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Need to shoot in multiple locations simultaneously and in a variety of languages? Poptent is your solution.


There's a lot of talk about "going viral" these days, but most companies can't quite make it work. To us, viral means making video good enough that people will choose to watch it and share it. Poptent offers an integrated video testing focus group feature that lets you test multiple video submissions to the perfect audience to see which creative executions are most sharable and best meet your marketing objectives.

  • Learn

    Video testing with Poptent helps you predict audience engagement, "sharability", and recall metrics in order to make better video distribution decisions. Video testing delivers valuable audience feedback from target segments that matter most for you and your marketing goals.

  • Decide

    Test completed video submissions or video storyboard creative concepts ("rips") and learn how to make critical creative and messaging adjustments that will maximize the efficiency of your awareness and engagement budget.

  • Save

    The best part of all is that Poptent's video content testing can produce reports in days and is affordable enough to allow you to test as many videos as you would like - including videos you may have already produced.


If a video is placed online and nobody is there to watch it, does your message really exist? Videos are useless without a plan to get the content viewed by the right audience. Poptent offers performance-based video distribution to get your videos seen by targeted online audiences by placing it on the most relevant websites on the net.

  • Connect

    One of the bigger challenges in social video content marketing is figuring out how to connect the right audience with the right creative content. Poptent’s “talent-sourcing” solution allows marketers to make and test more video than ever before so that you can finally create and deliver channel driven content to the right audience.

  • Target

    Poptent's video distribution service gives you the ability to engage highly targeted audiences on the largest most trusted properties on the web. We offer "choice-based" distribution where you pay only for views of your video content that were initiated by the viewer.

  • Report

    Our detail rich distribution reports provide all of the analysis and viewing information you need to measure your results and make key improvements for future campaigns. Additionally, our distribution features give you complete control over the display positions and user experience giving you complete campaign transparency to know where your video ads are playing and what the player experience is really like.