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Campaign Planning & Ideation

Poptent has expert creative strategists, social marketing experts, and video campaign planners on staff to help make sure your projects are planned correctly from the very beginning. Our creative ideation process puts a small army of video experts on the job who can be laser-focused on finding your next creative breakthrough.

Project Management

Poptent’s project managers have decades of experience in social media marketing and utilize a proven process for delivering the highest quality video assets on time and under budget. Depending on your budget and resources, we can skillfully take your project from start to finish or have you involved in production as much as your time and resources allow.

Video Crowdsourcing

Our unique creative process can involve dozens, if not hundreds, of video producers on each and every project. Creative competition among top professionals and talented young filmmakers makes Poptent video production more affordable, more creative, and more productive for the needs of our increasingly digital world.

Ecommerce Video & SEO Content

Scalable search engine content for improved ecommerce is one of our specialties. Poptent develops video content programs that can provide you with a steady stream of fresh and affordable video content designed to improve your shopping experience and help people truly engage with your brand.

Video Production Platform

Poptent.com is a unique platform built for video asset creation and management. Thousands of video projects have been developed for many large Fortune 500 brands and their agencies. Poptent’s video asset management and social programming platform allows you to manage large video libraries and offers unique capabilities for scheduling release dates and managing multiple YouTube channels with ease.

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Video Production Services & the Poptent Process

Combining industry leading expertise and technology, Poptent has developed a 10-step creative process that reliably delivers results at every stage of development.


All successful projects begin with a solid game plan. In the pre-launch phase we organize a kick-off meeting to help you determine what the ideal KPIs are for achieving success. We then work to make sure every step of our creative process keeps these campaign objectives in mind. During this early planning phase, we also help you write the perfect creative brief that guides our producers in a way that clearly translates how your KPIs will be achieved in the most creative ways imaginable.

Producer Sourcing

We identify the best qualified and vetted filmmakers from all over the world and recruit as many as we can to tackle your creative challenge. We can manage open calls from our entire global filmmaking community or choose to narrow the field down to smaller groups of creators for greater control and privacy depending on the needs of the project at hand. For projects that simply need an expert filmmaker to shoot an already established script, we also offer to help you select just one perfectly matched filmmaker from a small number of producer options.

Project Launch

Official project kickoffs begin with a town hall event on Poptent. After we notify the community of your project, we invite you to join in and answer any and all creator questions related to your project. This is a great way to get to know and collaborate with all of the creative people working on your project and help make sure everyone stays focused on the aspects of the project that are most important to you.


Creativity is at the heart of all that we do at Poptent. Our creative philosophy has always been that great ideas can come from anywhere, and the more creative people you can get involved during ideation, the better your chances of finding truly great creative ideas. The typical ideation deliverables can be scripts, storyboards, video pitches, video roughs, or near-finished video, but we believe that video ideas are best evaluated in video format.


When it’s time to shoot, we focus on capturing authentic performances and delivering artful storytelling to creatively capture all of the elements required for your video. In the end we can present you with a wide selection of original, highly creative, and distribution ready videos within 30-45 days.


Poptent has a large subset of our filmmaker community that is highly skilled at animation. We can select creative producers who only specialize in animation video for those jobs in which animation is required.

Editing / Color / Sound Adjustments

In order to deliver a video that is ready to use, we manage the final polish or editing work needed to get you a technically exceptional product.


Once your final videos have been selected for purchase, we make sure to review and collect all of the necessary talent, music, location, etc. releases you will need to own and confidently use your video(s) immediately on the channels you specify.


The best part of the production process is the premiere or “viewing party” where we get to sit down with you and your coworkers to showcase the exceptional video (or videos) our process helped to create.

Performance Analysis

Poptent is built on the philosophy that the real test of a great video is in how well it performs. As the final stage of any project we work on, we always ask to sit down with you after the campaign is completed to see how well our video(s) helped achieved the KPIs identified for the project.

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