"Drink Like a Gentleman"

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This commercial showcases several of the virtues a "gentleman" possess. And to ask people to "drink responsibly" is to ask them to up hold these virtues when they drink. Rather than be loud, disrespectful, belligerent, or rude. Instead be respectful, discreet, loyal, and stand your ground.

Asking people to "drink like a gentleman," is also asking people how do they think a gentleman would drink? What would he drink? How would he drink it? How would he hold his drink? How much would he drink?

As for the style of the commercial, it was originally shot in black and white to match the tone of Jack Daniels. However, I added in the color to mimic the unique color of Jack Daniel's Whiskey it's self.

The music and voice over I felt set the tone very well, and the actors were a group of friends hanging out so it feels very natural.

Ultimately I was very pleased with the out come of this commercial, and I hope you are as well.
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