Cornucopia 2012

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  • Posted on August 17, 2012

We love the idea of a campaign style piece based around serious cornhole players and the reason that they choose candlewood suites and we really thought the best way to kick off a campaign like this would be through a boxing style promo video. Our goal would be to actually go on location and shoot the other spots in the five cities listed, capturing the epic cornhole battle that ensues and all of the awesomeness that is candlewood suites along the way. This spot would be the starter video for the campaign, used as a tool to drive people to the social media and websites, but the rest of the spots would focus as much on candlewood suites as they would on the characters and cornhole game. We run with a light crew and would love the opportunity to make this a real campaign. Our feeling is that people would get excited about the event, wanting to watch the next episode to see who won and all of the things that unfold during and before and after the match. The rest of the campaign would be shot mockumentary style, with interview clips of Nick and Dave alongside footage from each match and footage from the hotels. We know that we could really showcase the unique experience of Candlewood Suites while still creating an enjoyable series to watch, bringing about the benefits of Candlewood in a way that doesn't feel like an ad, more like something you want to share with friends. We already have several ideas for fun premises along the way. GET READY FOR CORNUCOPIA 2012!!!!
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