Hair Flips are better with Clairol (ALTERNATE)

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  • Posted on September 23, 2012

Clairol delivers beautiful looks and confidence without the trip to the salon. Our main focus was to deliver that message emotionally while making sure there was a strong "share factor" for the social media world.

*This is the alternate edit which has a slightly less conservative approach. It also includes alternate takes which can be mixed and matched with the original version. We thought this version has more shock value but might be a little too "out there" to portray the brand so the original version does not include the apple cider shot and stayed centered around the girl more.

(If purchased, we have a Post Audio Engineer who will clean up and remix the audio as well as a colorist to fine-tune the color correction which will make this a broadcast ready spot.)
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Submission to the The Color Experts assignment for Clairol

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