Kaj Kjellesvig | Demo Reel 2012 (Montage)

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I'm now taking freelance work!
This reel mostly consists of the vfx and editing work I've done, but also contains directing and camera work. In the coming weeks I will also split a lot of this up into separate reels for everyone's sanity. Below are the different projects that are contained in this reel- just know that some of them are not online.
Music: Newbop- Caravan Palace
(:01-:24 VFX shots and one time lapse shot)
(:25-34 CustomGuide Inc. Promo Video- VFX)
(:35-:36 Cabela's Master's Walleye Circuit- VFX Bumper)
(:37 Anything in black & white- CustomGuide Inc. Soft Skill Titles- Director, VFX and Assistant Editing)
(:42 Federal Premium Ammunition Hunt with Brock Lesnar youtube.com/watch?v=E5SjD-KcSkE - Camera Operator and Editor)
(:43 & 1:24 CustomGuide Inc. Recruiting Video - youtube.com/watch?v=xy95Rdq1LMQ - Director, Camera, Editor)
(:47 Video Foundations Promo - vimeo.com/46198572 - Director, Editor)
(1:02 Brynn Mawr "Hollow" Music Video - youtube.com/watch?v=0qU_hjmp7ws - Director)
(1:08 "Beautiful" by The Electric - youtube.com/watch?v=OEZ9-gNIOlg - Director)
**Note** Any time lapses in this reel were done by yours truly.
(1:44 "Learnmaster 3000" CustomGuide Inc. Promo - youtube.com/watch?v=6XTLIv4aOo8 - Director, Camera, Editor, VFX)
(2:03 Camera Test "Fall is For Thinking" - vimeo.com/31050036 - Camera/Steadicam Operator)
(2:17 "Obselite" Spec Cologne Commercial- vimeo.com/17668976 - Director, Editor)
(2:45 "Pillow Fight" - youtube.com/watch?v=XcVw6dfD7E0 - Director)
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Submission to the Reel of the Month assignment for Poptent

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