Miller64 "Resolutions" Version 2 - (by Digisphere Productions Inc.)

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Version #2 (slight variation on color, dirt and grain)

"It's time to sign up for that gym membership, or dust off that old bike. Time to get busy, but never forget having fun. From mountain men to bacon-loving couples, Miller64 is the reasonable choice for active people with social lives. For this New Year, make your New Beer Resolution a Miller64!"

Directed, Edited by Michael Tushaus
D.P.: Michael Tushaus & Jon Shrader
Gaffer: Jonathan Shrader
Wardrobe & Make-up: Karen Cornejo
Cast (in order of appearance):
Sarah McIntosh
Ashli Fox
John Gallagher
Chelsea Myers
Troy Pavuk
Bryan Wiersma
Adam Bernhard
Jerica Hughey
Rodney Barge
Victoria Cameron
Casey Cameron
Dev'Ron Johnson
Jonathan Shrader
Michael Tushaus
Nathan Ferrier

created by Digisphere Productions Inc.
  • Editor's Pick
  • Finalist

Submission to the Miller64 assignment for Miller 64

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