Bacon: A Love Story

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  • Posted on May 28, 2013

Everything about swine is divine. There really isn’t a part of the pig that isn’t delicious. But let’s get real…bacon is, without question, the most popular food product to come from the humble pig. Bacon is the King of Pork. Bacon is the Best Meat Ever.

I didn't know anyone who participated in the video before this project. I wrote Heather after finding her book on Google and asked if she would be interested in helping me out. Being the awesome person that she is, she said yes. The challenge was that I live in Los Angeles and only had 40 hours to drive to Phoenix, shoot, sleep, shoot and then drive home but once she said yes I figured it was meant to be. I loaded up my gear and this video was the result. I hope people enjoy it as it was an amazing experience and the bacon was absolutely incredible!

This video is shade too long at around 7 minutes, but can be broken up into smaller pieces if the client wishes. There are three smaller parts which make up the whole, so it will be easy to separate.

Special thanks to Heather Lauer who agreed to be in this video as well as introduce me to her bacon loving friends. She was a pleasure to work with so please check out her book, "Bacon: A Love Story" and her blog at to see her amazing work!

Also, please check out Justin Beckett at Beckett's Table:

And Jason Corman at The Pork Shop:
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