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Brazil   Joined January 23, 2012
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Rodrigo Mattua was born in 1982 in São Paulo, Brazil. To escape from the chaotic metropolis, he enjoys spending hours drawing, creating, and putting his mind to work, capturing what is inspiring.

His passion for Art Direction and Design started when he was a Graphic Design student at FAAP University.

After graduating, Rodrigo began his profissional career working for agencies such as DM9DDB and Ogilvy in São Paulo as Art Director Assistant. Later on he started to work with Art Direction and Motion Design for a feel design studios and production companys such as Studio2, O2 films and New Content. After gaining a few years of experience he's now a Freelancer based at Barcelona, doing mainly Art Direction, Design, Motion and Ilustration.

Thanks for appreciating his work, and get in touch if you're interested in collaborating with him.
Rodrigo is available to work remotely or onsite.
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