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  • Audio: Kay Galaxie
  • Audio: Kay Archtop
  • Audio: Harmony Gut String
  • Audio: Fender Telecaster
  • Audio: Fender Musicmaster
  • Audio: Vox AC4TVH + 12" Cab.
  • Audio: Fender Jazz Bass
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I could not be more stoked to be working here at Poptent. Great times interacting with all of you fellow creatives.

Additionally, I am: a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist; an instrument, record, and music stuff collector/addict; an artist sometimes; a woodworker other times; an M.F.A., a Post-Bacc., and a B.A.; an ex-pat Jersey boy currently getting my Phillbilly on; an information junkie; and, long, lean, and narrow.
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